The crypto world has become a heaven for scams and rug pulls, where honest people are having their money stolen. Father Brett was created to educate meme coin enthusiasts and expose malicious developers in the crypto space. We make no promises of returns or investments, but we do promise to be upfront, honest, and to build a community that protects the crypto space from these rogue developers. Join us as we have fun and work tirelessly to safeguard the crypto community from fraud. We want to hear your stories so others can learn from our mistakes. Our mission is to continuously educate our community on making wise decisions when buying coins. Let’s reclaim the crypto meme space together.

The project draws its strength from the community. Smart contracts have been fully renounced, eliminating any possibility of interference. Our space within Pug Gangs is now absolutely secure.

The liquidity is securely locked, ensuring our community's safety within the $PANGS ecosystem at all times.

By day, he is a priest; by night, he is the Dev Slayer. Father Brett brings judgment to the evil developers and memes of the crypto world. Join us in creating a narrative of true stories for our CC Comics collection, showcasing the evil developers who have stolen millions from honest, hardworking people. We will release NFTs and minted comic books as we embark on our journey to a 1 billion market cap. Issue one, titled "Origins," is already in production.

Step 1:
Duplicate the Smart Contract

Step 2:
Navigate to Uniswap or any other Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform and insert the replicated contract

Step 3:
Input the desired quantity for purchase

Step 4:
Verify and confirm the transaction

Step 5:
Reap the Rewards